Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today is Holy Saturday, which means of course that yesterday we commemorated Good Friday. The church wore black to match the mood of Mark, chapter 15, which I read. We sang our last hymn in semi-darkness offset only by small imitation candles, Since the church was burned down less than ten years ago, fire fear still runs high and we tend to avoid open flames as much as possible.
What an awful and wonderful time, nothing more horrible and nothing more wonderful. God communicates with me at the foot of the cross and I want to run away and hide because I know my great sin. But God, through Jesus, makes me worthy to be a son in His sight. The best thing is that I have to do nothing for this, it is a gift freely given.
Easter tomorrow. Hallelujah! Cristos Anesti/Aleithos Anesti! I will be going in early to help other men to stage a breakfast starting at eight. I think that we have too many people involved, but that is okay and will try to stay in the background as much as possible. If I still smoked, I could use that as an excuse to disappear. It is now day three of the Great Smith Smokeout, and actually going well. need to put that behind me and I will. Now, off to the store to get supper victuals.

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