Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christos Anesti! / Aleithos Anesti!


Glorious day it is, as I remember the resurrection of Jesus. This is the day the Western Church has chosen to celebrate as Easter. The first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. I'll have to find out how the Orthodox Church determines it, then I'll be complete. I am guilty of wanting to keep Jesus on the cross, since God is revealed so fully there, but that's only part of it. From this point on Jesus is the the revealed Christ to all who encounter Him. The old C. S. Lewis line, "either He is who He says He is or the greatest charlatan of all times." How must it have been for His followers. Sure they knew He was a great teacher and healer, and they thought Him the Messiah. But He was killed, decisively so. Even the most ardent believer would have had doubts, it's just too fantastical. When He reappeared the doubt was gone and what must that have been like. It really was Him. He really is the Christ!
I ran across this yesterday on a blog called Intersect and thought it needed to be here:

Resurrection Sunday.

Resurrect hope in the discouraged.

Resurrect freedom for the slave.

Resurrect healing for the estranged.

Resurrect dignity for the poor.

Resurrect belonging for the teenager.

Resurrect meaning for the homebound.

Resurrect purpose for wayward.

Resurrect significance for the small.

Resurrect love in marriages.

Resurrect communication between parents and children.

Resurrect forgiveness in the hurt.

Resurrect repentance in the proud.

Resurrect dependence in the self-sufficient.

Resurrect relief for pandemic diseases.

Resurrect home for the homeless.

Resurrect courage for the afraid.

Resurrect compassion to our neighbors.

Resurrect reconciliation between our races.

Resurrect peace in war-torn places.

Resurrect comfort for the hurting.

Resurrect reflection in our busy worlds.

It is possible…

He is risen.

He is risen, indeed!

In Christ

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