Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've Done It Now

Recently, I stumbled across the Special Ministery Program of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. I did some research on it with Steve in mind. He has a great heart and I think the right stuff to make a good pastor. Anyway, I mentioned this to my pastor, James Rehley, thinking he might want to check it out. He did and thought I would also be a good candidate, and should think about it. So, after several weeks of soul searching, I have haltingly said yes. I will go ahead on the principle that the Lord will open and close doors. As long as they are open, I will go forward. I hesitate so much because I have a less than stellar history, more like glaring one. Twice divorced, several DUI's, not typical dog collar material. I guess, though, it could help that I have survived all that with a stronger faith than ever. If anyone needs salvation, I do. Of course, I think we all do. If God gave, even the best of us, our just desserts, we'd all be toast. I do spend far too much time in "bad decisions I have made" mode...way unproductive. Back to the doors thing.

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