Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Post Easter

The week after Easter, is always a time for me to catch my breath. Lent builds to a climax, a nadir of emotions on Good Friday followed by the high of Easter's joyous celebrations. It's like the catharsis in Arisotle's definition of a good play. Anyway, I am glad to sit back for a second and have time for a less intensive look at the past weeks.
My relocation plans are on track. The inspector I hired found little wrong with the property, although the non-working doorbell was almost a deal breaker. The few small items he found, the seller has agreed to repair. Now, I'm trying to be in contact with the lender so I have no cash surprises at closing. I may have found a buyer for my fifth wheel. I had hoped to be able to give it away, but I think it would be financially imprudent to do so. Realism once again rears its ugly head.
For the first time in 62 years, I am starting to worry about my health. Most would say its about time. I finally realized that I want to enjoy my new home and the many activities available to me. In many ways, I have been in the desert and returning to Fort Wayne will be a rich oasis. Oh, I realize, it's not all that, but compared to where I've been the last fifteen years it will be astonishing. Oregon is amazingly beautiful, but so is the Midwest in a different way. Honestly, I have never really felt at home here. Maybe I won't feel at ease there either, but I must try. I know it will be closer to the way I've lived for most of my life and the community religious atmosphere will be more comfortable than here. There is both a large Lutheran and Catholic presence here, so worshiping in the historic liturgical tradition is not regarded as unusual. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that schools, government and many businesses still observed the practice of closing on Good Friday at noon and most churches held services at noon, many with ceremonies extending till three p.m.. I am now praying daily for both wisdom in my health and the successful outcome of my relocation plans.

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