Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holy Week, 2010

He is risen! He is risen, indeed! The ancient words announcing the empty tomb. Today it is Easter. Our church was overflowing. Hallelujah!
Holy Week was a long one with a bad cold in the early part of the week. Maundy Thursday, my church did a Seder meal and I fixed lamb, roast vegetables, and the charoset for thirty people. This was followed by our Maundy Thursday service. Pastor had asked me to come up with a liturgy for the service and he surprised me by deciding to use it, so had to do a lot of reading that I didn't feel up to. I will hate to leave this little church in Sutherlin, it is full of dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
I will be moving back to the city of my birth and early years, Fort Wayne. Although, I've been planning it for a while, it seems like it is happening all too quickly. It will be interesting to be back in the land of Lutherans and Catholics, both of every stripe. Fort Wayne, as a community still observes Good Friday closings and most churches had services from noon to three. Yesterday, I had a minor anxiety attack about the upcoming house buy and move. Why can I never seem to accept that it is all in God's hands? I have so many doubts.
Learned yesterday of a new oratorio which sounded very interesting. It probes the more human side of Mary, especially. We don't know much about her, but if one thinks about it, even if she freely acknowledged Jesus as God's son, she must have wrestled with her anger over his crucifixtion. "Why my son"? Because He was her son, too. I have never thought about this too much, but how she must have struggled. She must have been proud to know that He was the Chosen One, but what a price for a mother. And though Jesus knew what He must do, to see His mother in anguish, must have been especially horrible.

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