Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time Has Passed

Wow! Three months since I last posted, the depression has long since lifted, I started smoking again, and I'm still broke. I was reminded of a pension I will be able to get soon, so relief is on the way. I have started to make plans for the future again. Naturally, all involve spending money. I am working some at the RV Park, which is taking up some time and knocking money off my rent. Enough of the blathering and on with the ranting.
I am very bothered by both the incivility and gullibility I am encountering. All our leaders are being subjected to demonetization, and as I think about it this goes back several years. Actually, when I think about elections and political cartoons of the 19Th century, it's absolutely old news. But, it is distressing. the gullibility manifests itself when we often rely on the Internet as a reliable source. Not that it often isn't reliable, but it is also a terrific disinformation and rumor platform. Yesterday, I was told that our current President is a Marxist, but then I was also told that his predecessor was a right wing fanatic. It is amazing that I live so serenely in a society with such violent political swings. This is told with much concern about end times. Unfortunately, I am much more inclined to think about current times and chalk up end times as an upcoming miracle. I should never allow myself to get sucked into these discussions, I just get upset and end up feeling guilty that I'm not quite Christian enough. Silly? Yes, but something to which I am susceptible.

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